Me and My Memory – 1

There was a mail from one of my school-mates (to our recently formed yahoo groups) stating that she had met Anand and that he has news to tell ( I knew it was about marriage), but who is this Anand ?

>>>Who is this Anand ? <-|
“MGR Anand” (0.0 sec)

My mind-map for Anand flashed out my colleague, who used to play shuttle(badminton) with me and had recently left for another company (< 1 year).
AdventNet-ians, will remember him donning the role of MGR for K2K4.

>>> No, I want an earlier Anand ! <-|
“Anand Bharath” (0.8 sec)

>>> No, I want an earlier Anand ! <-|
“Anand Chakravarthy” (1.2 sec)

Flashing back again, I got the Anand’s from my college (~ 4 years). Anand Bharath still has mail contact, though infrequently. Anand Chakravarthy was hockey team captain and if I remember right represented the state hockey team.

>>> But who is this school-Anand (~ 8 years) ?! <-|
“The system does not seem to respond. Please try after some time.” (5.0 sec)
>>> But who is this school-Anand (~ 8 years) ?! <-|
“The system does not seem to respond. Please try after some time.” (5.0 sec)

I was ashamed. May be I will call Sundar and ask him who Anand was – but what will he think of me (or is it just that I am getting older – is 25 too old ) ?!
So I left the query process and continued with my work.

<beep> “Thatha” (125.5 sec)
<beep> “Thatha” (0.0 sec)

After around 2 minutes latency period, my system beeped out the result of the query which I sent earlier. It striked upon me that it was Thatha (nickname for school-Anand). How can I forget Thatha !!!!

For those who know Java : think of it as a case all “Anand”s as having equal hashCode() values, ordered based on access order. It is an LRU cache with the Least Recently Used (accessed) object lower in the list for the same hashCode. The recent object-instances of Anand are accessed one-by-one for an equals() check. If not accessed for a long period it get removed from map.

In my case the School-Anand was indexed first in list for a hashCode() for “Thatha” (there were no other “Thatha”s after school) and somewhere lower in list for actual hashCode of “Anand”.

Anand : [“Colleague Anand”,..,”College Anand Bharath”, “College Anand Chakravarthy”,…..,”School Anand”]
Thatha : [“School Anand”]

I was as close to Anand as Chandramohan, Dhanasekar, Gokul, Mahindiran, Narayanamoorthy and others. But it so happened, that I met more Anands after school and he got pushed lower into the list within the name-map.

While it is already taxing, to strain my memory cells ; there is this maintainance issue of name-map, when people change names and it has not been updated on my index. Will blog about my recent embarrassments in this front later.


P.S : Thinking again, there was one Ashwin, referred to as Thatha by some of my classmates in college, but I remember him better as Ashwin.C.Punjabi

P.P.S : After this incident, I got hold of my school group photo (during the Independence Day weekend) and was able to recognize the names from the faces. For the benefit of my fellow group members, I hosted it in our yahoo-groups. Also attached to this post.
Anand is 6th from left. Identify me ?!

Sacred Heart Convent Higher Secondary School - Computer Science and Biology groups - 1996 batch

Sacred Heart Convent Higher Secondary School - Computer Science and Biology groups - 1996 batch

P.P.P.S : Psst, I have a secret to tell, I still dont remember few of the C-section girls in my group photo (i was B-section) though I remember their faces well (now that their faces have been recently accessed). Will have to sit with Sundar one day and get to know the names.

(Originally posted on Fri Oct 01, 2004 8:30 am, in my personal blogs in Currently those blogs have been moved to archive and many links do not work already. So, making a copy here. )

5 Responses to Me and My Memory – 1

  1. rrajkumar says:

    Yes, it is a repeat, as was also mentioned at the end of the replicated posts.

  2. Raj!
    Could identify you – Adjacent to the tall one in the middle! (If I mention Right / Left – it will confuse me!)
    And great to know that you pen down your thoughts!
    But that recursion post…. will be a disaster for your first time visitors đŸ™‚
    Have added in the Reader! Keep the blog updated atleast once in a fortnight!


  3. […] that Anand Chakravarthy was into movies. I have mentioned about Anand in my blog “Me and My Memory – 1” about various Anands, as the hockey player Anand from my college. Surprise that he has […]

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