99 (not out)

August 27, 2008

99 months and counting.

And, coming Monday, it will be a century.

I am talking about my on-going tenure in AdventNet, since 01 June 2000, along with a few of people who are still here : Deepa.K, Jagan.R and Karthik.S.R. (Wishes to you, friends !!)

Probably too much of a time for a person, who in his HR interview had answered, that he might probably work for around 2 years and then start his own company. (Question was from “Viji” Vijayaraghavan, now in Zorro team. It was something like “How long do you think you will work here ?” or “Where do you see yourself in 2 to 3 years ?”, not sure.)

That was probably a very naive guess of a target date.

Or, may be, I was born with the talent of predicting target dates, you know – like they would normally do in the software industry. You could see that spark even before I joined the industry ;-).

But target dates just cannot keep slipping. They will have to happen one day.

I will.