Producer Anand Chakravarthy & Vennila kabbadikuzhu

Was checking out my WordPress Stats at home, today morning.
Some one had searched for producer anand chakravarthy and landed in my blog.

I knew (about a month back, from my still-in-contact college-buddy S.Ramkumar), that Anand Chakravarthy was into movies. I have mentioned about Anand in my blog “Me and My Memory – 1” about various Anands, as the hockey player Anand from my college. Surprise that he has become search worthy already !!

My blog comes second in the search results. The first result is from The Hindu, regarding the movie Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu he is producing under the banner Imagine Creations. From the article..

Producer Anand Chakravarthy of Imagine Creations gave up his IT job in the United States to come back home to pursue his dream — film production.

Wow, courageous move !!

Read the article here :

Vennila kabbadikuzhu

Vennila kabbadikuzhu

Anand, If you are reading this – I will be getting in touch with you soon. You are in my target list of customers, for the software company I am going to launch on Oct 1.

Building a product to assist in Production Management (for Film/TV industries, like Gorilla or DAYVID) catering to the Indian market initially, is one of the possibilities I am looking into. If you are willing to be my first customer, I can provide you a great discount.

Let us talk after Oct 1.

“I am convinced that fear of failing in the eyes of the world is the single biggest impediment to amassing wealth”, says Felix Dennis, in his book “How to Get Rich: One of the World’s Greatest Entrepreneurs Shares His Secrets“. Anand Chakravarthy seems to have overcome that fear.

I am sure I would not have got the support of my family, if I were to venture into something like this, at this point. Quiting my software job, to start a software company gets easy approval. But to venture into movies, I cannot even think about that option. Not sure how Anand handled it tough !

Live your dream, Anand !! Not everyone can do it.

And, best wishes to you !!


7 Responses to Producer Anand Chakravarthy & Vennila kabbadikuzhu

  1. Kiran Darisi says:

    Raj great post even encouraging to quit the job and do something we like 😉

    Maybe the money earned by your friend during this years lead him to achieve this…what you think of that…i mean to say once he earned a X amount which he feels so secured to quit the job…

    Anywayz all the best for your friend as well as you ….


  2. rrajkumar says:

    The financial security of a regular job and high IT salary can be very tempting to hold on to and letting it go can be equivalent to overcoming an addiction.

    Coming out of that addiction, to start something on your own, needs not only courage but support from family. Yes the savings could help, but only to a certain extent and only for a certain duration, before which one should become cash positive in business or accept defeat and go back to work as an employee.

    Add to that risk, the choice of choosing the film industry field, which is known to bestow highly unpredictable fortunes, and I would say that it is indeed a very bold move by Anand.

    Thanks for your wishes.

  3. Anand Chakravarthy says:

    Hi, Not sure who you guys are, but makes me feel good that my decision to leave the US and get to India to make movies has created quite a discussion. Anyways, thanks for all those wishing me luck and hopefully one day, once I do get the taste of success, people will look up to me as an example and follow their dreams instead of living a mundane life (only if they feel it is mundane). Go Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu!

    Anand Chakravarthy

  4. rrajkumar says:

    Hi Anand,

    Had sent you a mail to refresh your memory. First thought S.Ram (Dharmapuri) had played a joke, when you said “Not sure who you guys are..”. Just confirmed from your brother’s orkut scraps that it is indeed the same Anand from Kanchipuram and of Mech 2000 batch of VEC. This is Rajkumar from Villupuram – more details in the mail.

    The primary audience as of now for this blog, are my colleagues from AdventNet, where I got placed; it was referred to as Vembu in the campus at that time.

    Now, that I have refreshed your memory with my mail and in this comment, let us get into talking about business after Oct 01 😉

    Best wishes to your team !!


  5. Raj says:


    I am curious to know whether “Building a product to assist in Production Management” is completed/ launched

    Please let me know!


  6. Anand Bharath says:

    Hi Raj / Anand

    Hope you can easily remember me. This is Anand bharath. I also studied with you in VEC in 2000 batch.

    It’s nice to see both of you working towards what you liked most.

    Keep in touch


    Anand Bharath

  7. rrajkumar says:

    Anand Bharath, nice to hear from you. You should login & connect with our batch-mates in Facebook. My profile is here.


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