Annoucements and Discussions now supported in HomeOwners’ Association Management Software

Another upgrade, and now, we have added support for making announcements and collaborating on topics of interest, using discussions. The announcement and discussions will be private to the HOA’s residential community.

Online Demo : HOA Announcements

Online Demo : HOA Discussions

Announcements can be made only by moderator level user, while commenting on the announcement thread can be by any registered member of the HomeOwners’ Association.

Initiating and commenting on discussion threads can be by any registered user of the HOA.

BBCode, which was supported in the Documents feature, is also supported in Announcement and Discussion posts.

Check out the features and let me know if you have any inputs on improving things.

If you want to start using this software for your residential community, let me know ( r.rajkumar [at] gmail [dot] com), so that I will create an account, accessible via an URL like and make you the moderator.

By the way, I forgot to tell you : I plan to offer a free version !!

Yes, there will always be a “fairly generous free edition“, which will be ad-supported.

Note : Since I have planned to attend a training program for the next 22 working days (details later), instantaneous fixes/improvements will have to wait until late evenings. Of course, features will keep rolling in at the same rate.


12 Responses to Annoucements and Discussions now supported in HomeOwners’ Association Management Software

  1. kiran darisi says:

    can i know your current traffic stats…..just curious..


  2. rrajkumar says:

    Policy is not to give specific numbers, sorry 🙂

    But I will give you a relative stat : ResidentialCommunity receives less traffic and lower rank in search listing, than PlaceToStay – both compared to their competitors. This is because PlaceToStay has had some conscious SEO activities, while ReCo will have to wait for a few more features.

  3. kiran darisi says:

    Are you planning to go for Adwords ? what is your auto pilot marketing plan ?


  4. rrajkumar says:

    Adwords will have to wait.

    Current focus is to have it working well for my apartment association and with all major features. After that, I plan to target a few more home owners’ associations within Velachery, by direct marketing.

  5. raj :

    have this guy in your mailing list – kiruba at kiruba dot com

    I think this popular blogger from Chennai is a office bearer in his apartments.

  6. rrajkumar says:

    Yes, I read about that in his blog.
    Thanks Pratheeswaran.

  7. kiran darisi says:

    Are you not presenting your start up in i think so it is the best place where you can meet like minded people 🙂

  8. rrajkumar says:

    Thanks for the tip Kiran.

    I do not plan to present my startup at the upcoming event (though nominations are open until today), but I do plan to just attend as a normal participant this time.

  9. kiran darisi says:

    hey that was great to hear from ..i am also attending the event let’s meet there.

  10. rrajkumar says:

    Kiran :
    Registered already ? Or shall we save Rs.250 each ?

  11. kiran darisi says:

    sry i booked it already..i and my frnd booked the tkt… 😦 hope as a CEO u must not consider the cost 😉

  12. rrajkumar says:

    CEOs need to remain frugal, so that they can keep the overall costs low and translate those savings to customers by offering “Astonishingly Affordable Software” 🙂

    Meet you in Bangalore.

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