Free HOA Software now enables Organizing Cultural and Sports Events

Our Free Online Home Owners’ Association (HOA) Software now enables organizing events within the residential community.

Moderators can now add Events and assign Organizers for each event. Such Organizers, who are usually members of the residential community, will then have permissions to add/remove Volunteers, Participants and Sponsors for that specific event.

Online Demo : HOA Events in Dashboard
Online Demo : HOA Events Listing page

Apart from the Organizers, Volunteers, Participants and Sponsors, each event can also have an associated Discussion/Announcement page and an associated Document, like for the Guidelines or Rules for Sports Events or Agenda for the Cultural Events.

Online Demo : HOA Event Details (includes details of Organizers, Volunteers, Partipants and Sponsors)

Apart from this, Events can also have Sub-Events, so as to divide and manage them with ease. Each such Sub-Event can inturn have Organizers, Volunteers, Participants, Sponsors, associated Discussion/Announcement, associated Document and of course Sub-Events again.

Online Demo : Sub-Events for a Major HOA Event

Completed events will be archived, automatically.

The Proposed Pricing Plans for the Online HOA is now available and includes details on how they compare with the Free Edition of HOA.

If you would like to try this out for your residential community, please send an email from your gmail-account mentioning your apartment name to

We welcome your feedback on the new features and on the proposed pricing plans.


3 Responses to Free HOA Software now enables Organizing Cultural and Sports Events

  1. Raj!
    Great to see things growing.
    Off the topic, I have a small suggestion!
    This blog should now be atleast 10-posts old.
    Except your initial posts before your HOA, all the posts after October 1st is concerned with HOA.
    Kindly also share how you socialize other than the times you work!
    Like how is your struggle with ‘Sahaswaat’ (Pun intended!), how you tackle questions like ‘Do you worry now for starting your startup’? etc.

    Or you think, that will dilute this blog?


  2. rrajkumar says:

    *Or you think, that will dilute this blog?*

    Not at all. I just did not allocate time for such posts.
    Will sure do, soon.

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