Support for Photos now available in HOA Management Software

January 30, 2009

Residential CommunityOur Free HOA Management Software now has support for uploading photos and sharing them within the residential community.

The images uploaded could be photos from meetings/events organized by the HOA, scans of the residential community’s layout diagrams showing the blocks/residential-units, other important scans like drawings of piping for water, sewerage, etc.,.

Online Demo : All Photos List
Online Demo : Layout of the Blocks in HOA
Online Demo : Photo from an Event organized by HOA

Embed images into Documents, Discussions or Annoucements

The uploaded photos can also be embedded inline into Documents, Discussions or Announcements. For example, this HOA Bylaws document includes the layout image in section 8, to aid in describing the organization of the association.

The BBCode for embedding an image within a Document/Discussion/Annoucement is as given below… 


Similarly, to embed a thumbnail of the uploaded image, the BBCode will be of the form given below..


Rotate Images 

When uploading a photo, one has options to rotate it by 90 degrees (clockwise), 180 degrees or 270 degrees (clockwise). This can either be done during upload itself or in case you forget to do it, you can always go to the edit image details page and rotate as required.  It is not required to upload the image again, but just “Use existing image file” option in the form (enabled by default in edit mode).

Associate Photos to Events

One also has options to specify the associated Event, for the uploaded photo (like say the New Year Celebrations) and the photos will get displayed in that Event Details page. 

Online Demo : Photos in Event Details page

(Option to add profile photos of members, will be taken up later.)