Yet another exciting business opportunity

March 5, 2009
Zoho, a venture of my startup training center – AdventNet, has come up with a nice idea to use auto-rickshaws as mobile billboards . I had assumed that auto-rickshaws need to be in yellow and black ; since, if it were not, should not autos be carrying mobile billboards already.
Auto-rickshaw Mobile Billboard

Auto-rickshaw Mobile Billboard

My assumption was wrong. As mentioned by Naga in the comments of that blog post, the rule is limited to having yellow color for the metal body, while the cover does not have any such restrictions. Autos currently not carrying mobile billboards, is probably a problem of execution of the idea.
Ahhh !! Yet another exciting business opportunity… 

To handle auto-rickshaw marketing for corporates : 

  • Getting marketing content,
  • Streamlining the distribution to auto-rickshaws in different locations and
  • Ensuring that the ads keeps running on 3-wheels during the period of contract
…which I cannot take up at once. (sighhhh!!)
But, the idea seems interesting and may be there is good money to be made, by being a channel for corporates. May be, I can venture into this one too. 
Wait, is this not a common problem with Entrepreneurs ?!
Yup, it is a common problem..

Losing focus as an entrepreneur

Yesterday, I had dinner with an entrepreneur friend of mine. He had rejected a cozy, full time job offer to become a full time entrepreneur. The initial traction and he and his company seemed to be getting were pretty amazing. But after a short lived buzz, his company lost steam and the venture finally fizzled out.

Why ? What happened I asked.

“Blame my hyper enthusiasm”, he said. He went on to elaborate that even after launching his company, his mind kept brainstorming all these ideas which he felt had immense potential. After launching the company and getting all the buzz, I no more found the idea to be challenging. My mind kept brainstorming and bouncing off all these other great ideas out there. I started working on another idea as a side project. In between of all this mind-wavering, my focus unknowingly got shifted from the company I had launched. Losing my focus led to my lack of focus and ultimately the demise of my company.

Hmm… I came home from the dinner with a great, valuable, first-hand lesson – never to lose focus. It is very easy to get tempted by the next great idea, but you need to persist and keep your ultimate goal in perspective. Other startups will emerge and the thought will cross your mind – ‘Damn..why didnt I think of that idea before’. But in doing so, you are wavering from your chosen track. Your single handed focus should be to nurture your baby and help it grow.

Well, the “auto-rickshaw mobile billboards” business probably needs another entrepreneur.
Interested 😉 ?