Homes for 5 to 10 lakhs, “DLF is not a bank” and Bollineni Hillside

March 20, 2009

Homes for 5 to 10 lakhs

Yes, you read it right. Five Lakhs to Ten Lakhs is the range.

Following Real Value Neel Kamal and Provident Housing CosmoCity, it is now the turn of Unitech to offer low cost apartments. Unitech proposes to offer housing options in the range of Rs.5-10 lakhs. On a related note – the next step in this quest among builders to offer low cost housing, will probably be to take the Laurie Baker route.

To know more about the project and related note on “Laurie Baker route”, read Unitech plans to offer apartments for Rs.5-10 lakhs


DLF is not a bank

DLF has started making refunds to buyers on a case-by-case basis. Buyers say that around 561 have submitted letters seeking exit from the project. But DLF says..

DLF Spokesperson :

“This is not a current account that you put in the money and withdraw whenever you want to.”

Read more at : DLF starts refunds ; 561 of 1800 in queue, say buyers


Bollineni Hillside

Even when existing players are finding it hard to sell their inventory, Hyderabad’s BSCPL is launching a mega township of 4500 residential units, named Bollineni Hillside, very near DLF Garden City. The size of the project and the location would likely draw comparision with DLF Garden City project.

Read more at : BSCPL launches mega township near DLF Garden City at 2500/sqft