Diagrammr allows you to type in your diagram with sentences

August 27, 2009

Just add sentences and to get a diagram.

The following was generated for relations typical within an NMS (Network Management System)..


The sentences used to build were…

WebNMS manages ManagedObjects
NetworkElements are ManagedObjects
Interfaces are ManagedObjects
Switches are NetworkElements
Routers are NetworkElements
NetworkElements contain one or more Interfaces
Printers are NetworkElements
WebNMS communicates using Protocol
SNMP is a Protocol
WMI is a Protocol
JMX is a Protocol
NetworkElements may run Services
Services are ManagedObjects
NetworkElements support Protocol

Good tool, this diagrammr !!

Upgraded to Reliance Netconnect Broadband+

August 3, 2009

From my slow speed Reliance Netconnect, which was used as a backup for the Hathway broadband connections at home and office, I upgraded to Reliance Netconnect Broadband+ last week. This was after Hathway went down because of issues with politically advantaged competitor.

Considering that it I have replaced 3 internet connections with one (2 Hathway and 1 Reliance old-gen wireless modem), this works out to be cheaper (even when ignoring the discounted rates applicable for the first year) for my requirements. But, now I don’t have a backup service provider.

Short Review ::

PLUS : There were no installation issues with the current device (unlike my previous Reliance modem) and has a faster startup & good connection speeds.

MINUS : Reliance wants me to visit their website (rcom.co.in) every time I connect the modem – irritating behavior. And, unlike previous versions, it is not possible to make calls or send SMS using this modem.