Upgraded to Reliance Netconnect Broadband+

From my slow speed Reliance Netconnect, which was used as a backup for the Hathway broadband connections at home and office, I upgraded to Reliance Netconnect Broadband+ last week. This was after Hathway went down because of issues with politically advantaged competitor.

Considering that it I have replaced 3 internet connections with one (2 Hathway and 1 Reliance old-gen wireless modem), this works out to be cheaper (even when ignoring the discounted rates applicable for the first year) for my requirements. But, now I don’t have a backup service provider.

Short Review ::

PLUS : There were no installation issues with the current device (unlike my previous Reliance modem) and has a faster startup & good connection speeds.

MINUS : Reliance wants me to visit their website (rcom.co.in) every time I connect the modem – irritating behavior. And, unlike previous versions, it is not possible to make calls or send SMS using this modem.

One Response to Upgraded to Reliance Netconnect Broadband+

  1. RAVI says:

    hey hi..just wanted to share my experience with you since i too have shifted to using reliance netconnect broadband + from airtel … i have been using it since the last 2 months and the experience has been good.. speeds are really good and no problems with bill… yea i too expected that we could make calls n sms’s using the datacard.. but sadly thats not possible and rightly so cause its called a datacard (just for trasfer of data ;)) but u can always use sites like 160by2.com or way2sms.com for messaging when online… hope u enjoy broadband + 🙂

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