Online Wedding Planner now supports Importing of Contacts, Template based E-mails, RSVPs and more.

June 17, 2009

Online Wedding Planner now supports Importing of Contacts, Template based E-mails, RSVPs and more.

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On Moving to office at Vijayanagar, Recruitment and Launching of Online Wedding Planning Tool

May 12, 2009

Sahasvat now functions out of a (rather small) office at Flat No.4A, 1st Cross Street, Vijayanagar, Velachery.  And apart from just me, one more person has joined its operations.

In case you want to drop by at my office, I have given the location map below..

Location of Sahasvat

Location of Sahasvat

And recently, a Free Online Wedding Planner was added to MatrimonyPlanner.

There is this Tamil quote “வீட்டை கட்டி பார், கல்யாணம் பண்ணி பார்”, refering to the stress involved in building a home and in organizing a wedding. This is related to not just organizing the finances, but to the varied tasks involved in the process of building a home or in organizing wedding.  

While apartments and independent/semi-independent villas made available as part of residential projects by builders have almost removed the non-financial hassles in owning a home, organizing a wedding is still a huge task.

MatrimonyPlanner’s Online Wedding Planner is aimed to help stay better organized when planning a wedding. 

Sample Feature : Sticker-Paper-Printable, Address Lists to match invitation envelope design.

Generate Sticker-Paper-Printable Address Lists of Guests

Address Lists of Guests, printable on sticker-papers.

In case you have any friends/relatives who are getting married, this tool should sure help them out.  Check out the features and then, go ahead and gift them peace of mind.

“Betrothal at Castrol BikeZone, Marriage at Pizza Corner and Seemantham at Fitness Escola !!”

March 24, 2009

That might be a possible answer, which some children might have to say when enquired about where the functions were held for their parents.

Read how Mandapams in Chennai are giving way to business entities at :