How frequent are Chennai MTC Bus Routes ? provides the answers !!

July 8, 2009

Not even a month old, but we are happy to see MetroCommute providing answers to a lot of Chennai commuters. Thanks for your feedback and references.

In the mean time, we have also added support for showing the frequency of the bus services on individual routes, as well as the aggregate frequency.

Apart from finding interesting trivia – like the most frequent Chennai MTC bus route as 29C (Between Perambur R.S and Besant Nagar)  – provides you information like..

  • there is one bus every 10 minutes from Velachery to Mylapore,
  • there is one bus every 4 minutes from Velachery to Ambattur and Adyar,
  • there is one bus every 2 minutes from Velachery to Tambaram, Thiruvanmiyur and T.Nagar and that
  • there is one bus every minute from Velachery to Saidapet and Guindy.

One can also know that…

  • there is one bus every 2 minutes on ECR,
  • there is one bus every minute on OMR and that
  • there is more than one bus every minute on Anna Salai.

These facts can be known by usual commuters on those routes. But if one has to travel on a different route, they may not be sure on the frequency. MetroCommute helps people decide on “Should I wait here for a bus or should I catch some bus to a more frequent stage and switch buses there ?”

Just play with to find such answers related to your locality, refer/tweet/blog about the site to your friends and as always, feel free to send in your feedback on how to improve

And now with the onset of the counselling season in Chennai, MetroCommute helps plan a better commute…


Only DLF did not factor the downturn ?!

March 14, 2009

It seems only DLF did not factor the changing economic scenario, reducing costs of construction and lowering interest rates, when it had fixed the prices for its projects. They sited those reasons when they made a price cut recently.

All other builders were wise enough to forsee the problems and had priced their projects right. Some go to the extent of suggesting that reducing the prices can only result in reduced quality and hence they will not reduce prices in their projects.

Justifying the need to retain old prices seems to be a problem at hand for the builders.  Either they need to come up with convincing answers on why they will not reduce the prices or they will have to bite the bullet. 

Read about what some builders have to say..