Discover cleaner HOA (HomeOwners’ Association) collaboration.

February 24, 2009

Collaborating among HOA members is essential to discuss and take collective decisions, share details of income and expenditure, organize cultural and sports events, etc.,.  

Forming a Google Group or a Yahoo Group and communicating via EMails is one option available for HOA members to collaborate with each other for such purposes. But, that option has some limitations..

  • *All members* will receive *all messages*, which may or may not be important.
  •  If there are multiple blocks and there is going to be a topic which is specific to the block , even then all members will receive those emails.
  • There is no option to notify special interest groups (Gym Users) within the residential community.

To avoid such problems, it is better to have an private online forum, with discussion threads. In this approach, emails can be sent only when required, like to notify users when important announcements or discussion threads are started., the Free HOA Management & Collaboration Software, which already has support for private online forum for HOA members, has now added support for notifying users about important announcements and discussions

Notify HOA Members

Notify HOA Members

The new feature includes the ability to notify just a specific block, if the discussion thread is of concern to that specific block alone, instead of spamming all members with notification emails. 

In each of the Announcement and Discussion pages, there will now be an option to notify users as shown in the image. 

Support will also be provided to notify special interest groups (like say a group of Chess players or Gym Users, etc.,.) within the residential community.

Discover cleaner HomeOwners’ Association (HOA) collaboration.

Support for Photos now available in HOA Management Software

January 30, 2009

Residential CommunityOur Free HOA Management Software now has support for uploading photos and sharing them within the residential community.

The images uploaded could be photos from meetings/events organized by the HOA, scans of the residential community’s layout diagrams showing the blocks/residential-units, other important scans like drawings of piping for water, sewerage, etc.,.

Online Demo : All Photos List
Online Demo : Layout of the Blocks in HOA
Online Demo : Photo from an Event organized by HOA

Embed images into Documents, Discussions or Annoucements

The uploaded photos can also be embedded inline into Documents, Discussions or Announcements. For example, this HOA Bylaws document includes the layout image in section 8, to aid in describing the organization of the association.

The BBCode for embedding an image within a Document/Discussion/Annoucement is as given below… 


Similarly, to embed a thumbnail of the uploaded image, the BBCode will be of the form given below..


Rotate Images 

When uploading a photo, one has options to rotate it by 90 degrees (clockwise), 180 degrees or 270 degrees (clockwise). This can either be done during upload itself or in case you forget to do it, you can always go to the edit image details page and rotate as required.  It is not required to upload the image again, but just “Use existing image file” option in the form (enabled by default in edit mode).

Associate Photos to Events

One also has options to specify the associated Event, for the uploaded photo (like say the New Year Celebrations) and the photos will get displayed in that Event Details page. 

Online Demo : Photos in Event Details page

(Option to add profile photos of members, will be taken up later.)

“Do you worry now for starting your startup ?”

December 23, 2008

How you tackle questions like ‘Do you worry now for starting your startup’? etc.

That was what Venkatramanan asked in a comment.

To answer that…

First, I never got asked that question.

Second, if asked, the answer is : “No, not at all !!”.

If I had waited for another month or so, the financial meltdown and its impact could have been far more visible and could have triggered a lot of suggestions to not quit a “secure” job.

But once the decision was made and I was out on my own, the only option was to go ahead and succeed.

Also, since I believe that I can easily meet my required income levels within a year, even by just targeting the Indian market alone, it was not very much of a risk worth worrying about.

Offering affordable software via the SaaS route and helping people save money spent on software, is a position of advantage, during this period of crisis.

Association management software is just the start. More exciting solutions will roll out.

The timing could not have been better.

Oops, too late already ; Need to catch the 7:20 am bus to SVCE, Sriperumbudur to attend the Ministry of MSME sponsored Business Skill Development Programme.

But, before I publish this post, here goes my ad..

Want to save money on software ?

Try out our Free HOA Management Software.

Free HOA Software now enables Organizing Cultural and Sports Events

December 19, 2008

Our Free Online Home Owners’ Association (HOA) Software now enables organizing events within the residential community.

Moderators can now add Events and assign Organizers for each event. Such Organizers, who are usually members of the residential community, will then have permissions to add/remove Volunteers, Participants and Sponsors for that specific event.

Online Demo : HOA Events in Dashboard
Online Demo : HOA Events Listing page

Apart from the Organizers, Volunteers, Participants and Sponsors, each event can also have an associated Discussion/Announcement page and an associated Document, like for the Guidelines or Rules for Sports Events or Agenda for the Cultural Events.

Online Demo : HOA Event Details (includes details of Organizers, Volunteers, Partipants and Sponsors)

Apart from this, Events can also have Sub-Events, so as to divide and manage them with ease. Each such Sub-Event can inturn have Organizers, Volunteers, Participants, Sponsors, associated Discussion/Announcement, associated Document and of course Sub-Events again.

Online Demo : Sub-Events for a Major HOA Event

Completed events will be archived, automatically.

The Proposed Pricing Plans for the Online HOA is now available and includes details on how they compare with the Free Edition of HOA.

If you would like to try this out for your residential community, please send an email from your gmail-account mentioning your apartment name to

We welcome your feedback on the new features and on the proposed pricing plans.

Producer Anand Chakravarthy & Vennila kabbadikuzhu

August 28, 2008

Was checking out my WordPress Stats at home, today morning.
Some one had searched for producer anand chakravarthy and landed in my blog.

I knew (about a month back, from my still-in-contact college-buddy S.Ramkumar), that Anand Chakravarthy was into movies. I have mentioned about Anand in my blog “Me and My Memory – 1” about various Anands, as the hockey player Anand from my college. Surprise that he has become search worthy already !!

My blog comes second in the search results. The first result is from The Hindu, regarding the movie Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu he is producing under the banner Imagine Creations. From the article..

Producer Anand Chakravarthy of Imagine Creations gave up his IT job in the United States to come back home to pursue his dream — film production.

Wow, courageous move !!

Read the article here :

Vennila kabbadikuzhu

Vennila kabbadikuzhu

Anand, If you are reading this – I will be getting in touch with you soon. You are in my target list of customers, for the software company I am going to launch on Oct 1.

Building a product to assist in Production Management (for Film/TV industries, like Gorilla or DAYVID) catering to the Indian market initially, is one of the possibilities I am looking into. If you are willing to be my first customer, I can provide you a great discount.

Let us talk after Oct 1.

“I am convinced that fear of failing in the eyes of the world is the single biggest impediment to amassing wealth”, says Felix Dennis, in his book “How to Get Rich: One of the World’s Greatest Entrepreneurs Shares His Secrets“. Anand Chakravarthy seems to have overcome that fear.

I am sure I would not have got the support of my family, if I were to venture into something like this, at this point. Quiting my software job, to start a software company gets easy approval. But to venture into movies, I cannot even think about that option. Not sure how Anand handled it tough !

Live your dream, Anand !! Not everyone can do it.

And, best wishes to you !!

“How to Get Rich” and the First-Borns

August 25, 2008

A few days back, I happened to read a discussion in Hacker News on a book “How to Get Rich”, authored by Felix Dennis, who is one of the richest self made man in the UK. He is the owner of Dennis Publishing whose publications include “The Week” and “Maxim”. Starting out from nothing, he went on to build one of the biggest fortunes worth at least $400 millions by conservative estimates.

I usually never buy such books which tout to make its readers rich, and instead spend it on learning a new technology. But, based on whatever I read in Hacker News (by users, who are more like me) and searching for more stuff on the internet, I decided to try it out. So, when my wife and I went to Landmark (Chennai, India) for purchasing gifts to be given away on my son’s second birthday, I used the opportunity.

The book does not seem to be very popular here, yet. Was not available in the best sellers. I sought help and the salesman helped me find my copy from a remote corner of the store. Happy that I did not have to wait to get my hands on this book.

The better part of Sunday evening went into this book. Will share my experience from the reading, in the days to come.

From whatever I have read until now, I would say that I did not find stuff, that was different from what I believe already. But it is nice to know that one of the richest man has very much similar thoughts, when it comes to running businesses.

In the preface, Felix Dennis’ answer to “Honestly speaking, what kind of people get to become rich ?” among other information includes..

“There is a confidence that radiates from first-born sons and daughters. Not in all the cases I’ve observed, but in too many for it to be a coincidence. A similar confidence is to be observed, more often than not, in people who are rich, no matter whether they were born with it, inherited it or acquired it through their own efforts.”

I believed this for a long time, apart from the other point that the first-borns are better at handling money. They usually save better, instead of spending it off on luxuries. They tend to be more concerned about their studies and mostly end up with better grades and settle in better jobs, relatively speaking. Again, I have known more than a few examples for this to be coincidence.

Probably this has got something to do with getting to know the financials in running the family, while shielding such problems or how they got solved, from younger siblings.

Felix continues..

“Whatever qualities the rich may have, they can be acquired by anyone with the tenacity to become rich. The key, I think, is confidence. Confidence and an unshakeable belief it can be done and that you are the one to do it.”

Yes, I know. I am “the one” who is going to do it. Come on Felix, tell me something I don’t know already 😉 !!

I am not sure if Wachowski Brothers’ “The One” is a first-born. But I agree that Felix’s “the one” and Neo have at least one thing in common, “the confidence that it can be done and that you are the one to do it”. That belief is undoubtedly essential.

More experiences from reading the book, will follow. In case you want to check out the reviews, here is a quick link : How to Get Rich: One of the World’s Greatest Entrepreneurs Shares His Secrets